Soil and water Anti- salt liquid launch in Shiraz

Date : 1395/11/23


Soil and water Anti- salt liquid launch in Shiraz


For the first time in the country,Soil and water Anti- salt liquid-salt-stop- in the agricultural industry with a unique formulation, were produced by a knowledge-based companies in science and technology park in Shiraz. According to Fars IRIB news agency, Asadsangabi CEO of Nano-Seez - knowledge-based factory- said the new product was produced by nanotechnology, based on mechanism that influences the root system. He added this product was tested on horticultural and crops such as cherries, apricots, wheat and corn as samples for two years and no reduction was found in yield.


Mahmoudi, deputy director of Nano-Seez said Anti-Salt, in addition to modify salinity of soil and water, helps plants to increase nutrients absorbance.

According to IRNA, Dr. Moor, head of Fars Science and Technology Park said Salt-Stop nanotechnology product is the result of five-year effort.


properties of salt-stop are listed as follow


Reduces sodium content in the soil

Improves plants growing

Meliorates soil chemical and physical properties

Increases soil organic materials

promotes root system

Decreases soil pH





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