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Pardis production group is a Professional fertilizer Manufacturer in Iran for more than 18 years.Pardis Knowledge-based Production Group (Aria Nano Seez), was founded in 1999 in order to produce nano and biotechnological products and is currently operating as Iran''''''''''''''''s largest biotechnological and nanotechnological center. It is located in Shiraz Especial Economic Zone, with a distance of 10 km to Shiraz City.


Pardis production factory covers an area of more than 30 hectares. It owns first advanced technique production line of amino acids and powdery Iron, Zinc, magnesium, potassium, and copper amino chelate in Middle East.  We also own set of Production Line of Effervescent fertilizer, Ferti frost, anti-stresses and anti-drought, anti-chilling products, as knowledge–based products for first time in Iran.

Nano porous Materials that are producing in one of our factories (NANO SEEZ) are used to help slow and effective release of chemical fertilizers and plant''s needed nutrients. Nano capsule is producing to help effective conduction of pesticides, Nano sensors to recognize plant''s pests and Pathogens,  control soil structure ,keep plant healthy. Furthermore, Pardis Production Group is working to optimize pesticides function for the purpose of environment protection and poison contamination using nano particles. Finally, the application of this technology will lead to more sustainable and more efficient production of agricultural .


Our production capacity is as much as to provide basic materials of the other factories.


Through modrn equipment, strict testing and management, our company products are all according to the ISO14001 and ISO9001 in Quality Management. We got fertilizer registration certificate issued by Soil and Water Research Institute on 2nd November, 2015


We cooperate with Colleges and Universities, carry out research together, and do scientific testing as well as Formula Production


Pardis production group has Membership of R&D department of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.  Qualified R&D department includes highest rank professors and advances researcher


Our company, through integration of research, produce, marketing and after service, came up with the brand name “Ferti-nurse and Kimia” Fertilizer which is widely used for all products





One of the largest fertilizer production groups in Iran, with more than 70 products
Iranian National Standard Certification for fertilizer production

.Fertilizer registration certificate issued by Soil and Water Research Institute

.Manufacturer of several Nano and biotechnological products

.Membership of R&D department of Ministry of Industry, Mine and trade

.ISO14001 in Environmental Management and ISO9001 in Quality Management

.Qualified R&D department including highest rank professors

.biggest agricultural database

.well equipped laboratories

.Participating in 4 international conferences

.Participating in 12 national conferences

.Participating in 8 regional conferences

 .producing complex fertilizer customer needed formula

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.First Factory: Km.  35th of Kaftarak Rd., Shiraz, Iran

.Second Factory: Shiraz Especial Economic Zone, Shiraz, Iran

.Technology and R&D Department: Science and Technology Park, Arian town, Shiraz, Iran

Email: pardisproduction@gmail.com

Tel: +98 7137175422-6

Fax: +98 7137175427

second website: www.nanoseez.com